Exit : The Sacred Temple ( with puzzle )

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  • Crooked treasure hunters have broken into the office of your university’s archaeology department! Your professor has disappeared without a trace – and so has a book with old records about a hidden temple. You must act quickly and chase down the criminals. Your pursuit will take you deep into a mysterious jungle on a small island. You must find the professor in time and save the revered treasures of the temple before they fall into the hands of the devious robbers!
  • An unforgettable, unique gaming experience, that brings the fun and thrill of an escape room into your home!
  • Piece together four jigsaw puzzles to discover new spaces and clues. Solve all the puzzles and riddles as fast as you can!
  • Can you stop the theft of the previous cultural artifacts from the temple?
  • This game can only be played ONCE, because you markup, fold, and tear the game materials.
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