Creativity Art Kit 5-8

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A profusion of supplies in a large 2-storey box (beads, pompoms, googly eyes, stickers, gemstones, chenille stems and more) for hours of creating.
It's all in the box - even the ideas!

We love this product because;
It contains a profusion of supplies for various activities (collage, assembly and cutting).
Plenty of ideas for simple and beautiful designs.
Several children can create together.
An explanatory booklet in colour with pictures only.
It helps to develop dexterity and creativity, whilst learning about shapes, textures and sizes.

Contents: a large supply box with two trays holds assortments of beads, pompoms, googly eyes, stickers, gemstones, chenille stems...and printed cards + 15 idea sheets.
Designed by Caroline Faup

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