Sequin Monkey 22" Blue

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Are you sick and tired of stuffed monkeys that don't sparkle one bit? Well, the Blue Sequin Hanging Monkey Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic pleases and sparkles! This twenty-two inch blue hanging monkey has gone before the committee and been approved by a landslide. What committee, you ask? Let's just say it is a very prestigious committee and leave it at that. The important thing is that this sequin bellied plush hanging monkey really shines. The sequins are purple on one side and blue on the other. What shiny color do you want your stuffed hanging monkey's belly to be today? It's totally up to you. Similar to the popular sequin pillows only way cuter, you can now get all kinds of sequin plush made by Wild Republic here at Stuffed Safari. It's about time! We're so glad to offer this amazing sequin plush that we just can't contain ourselves. It is shiny and attractive and you won't want to put it down. The stuffed blue hanging monkey is covered in soft blue plush but its belly is all sequins and its body is nice and soft for cuddling. Trust us, you'll want to keep it close at all times. Velcro hands and feet keep it hanging around. It pleases and sparkles!

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