Fairy in Flight on Winged Lion

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The winged lion and her fairy rider soar gracefully above BAYALA®, the pinks and golds and blues of the flower meadows below mirrored in the fairy's wings and the lion's mane. Their friends await as they climb toward the clouds, swooping higher! The modeling and paint work showcase schleich®'s unmatched attention to detail. The lion's movable wings feature intricate coloring and a 12" wingspan for swift transport wherever your story leads you. The wings are easily popped into sockets on the lion's torso and move back and forth. The fairy has a built-in magnet that helps her stay on the lion's back. The Fairy in Flight toy is a part of schleich®'s BAYALA® collection of fairies, mermaids, unicorns and other enchanted creatures.The enchanted figurines and playsets of schleich® BAYALA® introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From majestic owls and woodland elves to glittering flower houses and unicorn stables, schleich® BAYALA® lets your stories run wild. Mythical creature figurines twinkle in rich detail, while authentic playsets enrich every tale! Our fairy toy figurines love to be whisked away into stories featuring schleich® dinosaur toys, wild animal figures and toy horses! schleich® mythical creature toys and playsets are built to last for generations. All our toys meet the highest national, international, and enchanted kingdom safety standards.

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