Eldrador Mini Creatures - Shadow Stone Robot

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No matter how tough the battle, the schleich® ELDRADOR® CREATURES MINI CREATURES Shadow Stone Robot is even tougher. Muuuuch tougher. As you can see when he starts to swing his giant hammer in attack mode. The battle in ELDRADOR® has been going on for several years, but there's still no winner. Can you finally bring the fight to an end?

Stoooone headed your way! When the Shadow Stone Lord sits down in the Stone Robot's command center of the ELDRADOR® MINI CREATURES, from schleich® ELDRADOR® CREATURES, the tough duo goes into battle to save the Stone World. It's a bit like when a rider gets on a horse and gallops off. Unlike the horse, however, the Stone Robot has a gigantic hammer, which it skillfully uses against its enemies. They mostly come from the Ice World, Jungle World or Lava World. There is still no clear winner. That's probably also because everyone is quite enjoying the battle, but no one would admit it... a bit like when you fight with your brothers or sisters.

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