Eldrador Lava Smasher

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The Lava Smasher from schleich® ELDRADOR® CREATURES radiates so much heat that (almost) no one dares to get close. Because attackers know that everything the blazing giant touches goes up in flames. His massive body is made of molten lava rock, and a blazing mane roars on his head. Despite being so massive, the Lava Smasher is extremely agile, making him a fiendish opponent. The fact that he can completely rotate his upper body means that he never misses the slightest movement. Anyone who comes close to him is immediately discovered. With his movable arms, he grabs the enemy like lightning and shakes them hard. The Lava Smasher can also move his jaw: As soon as he opens his sparking mouth, his blazing fiery breath escapes - and it not only smells of burned rock, it's also unbearably hot!

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