54" WR ECO Snakes Anaconda

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Take stuffed fun to a slithery new level with the Stuffed Realistic Anaconda 54 Inch Plush Snake by Wild Republic! This snake stuffed animal measures an impressive fifty-four inches long and features an unique design on velvet-soft plush fabric. The anaconda's body and head are green and yellow and decorated with black and brown spots to give it a truly realistic appearance. Its coloring is spruced up a little bit compared to a real anaconda, but it does feature an accurate head shape to keep snake species sticklers happy. The underside of the plush snake is spotted yellow. This fun stuffed anaconda is also sticking out its black tongue in anticipation of all the snake-y stuffed fun it will soon be having with you! This one of a kind design gives the anaconda stuffed animal a fun and playfully realistic look that will make any snake-lover slither with joy. It's also really good at scaring little brothers and sisters, not that we would encourage that but you've got to keep them out of your bedroom one way or another! This realistic plush anaconda could also help protect anyone that might be afraid of the dark or even help with your homework. We're not certain that an anaconda stuffed animal would be of any actual help with long division but it surely won't hurt to have it around while solving math problems. A stuffed anaconda sidekick is always a good thing!

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